Consider Having a Yaoi Program at Your Convention

Most female manga and anime fans are also fans of yaoi. More than half of all anime convention attendees are female (60-75% usually). Yaoi is a phenomenon in North America. There are huge numbers of yaoi fans in every region. Yaoi is a staple of anime convention culture. Having a yaoi program at your show will make girls happy.

Q and A

Q. Is it possible to have a yaoi program and still be a 'family friendly' show?

A. Of course! Borders Books (once the largest book store chain in the USA) is a family friendly store with a large and colorful children's section. Borders also has a large collection of yaoi for sale. The presence of yaoi does not automatically make a show 'adults only.' Statistically speaking, most merchandise labeled yaoi actually falls into the 16+ category.

Q. What's an easy way to have a yaoi program at my show?


Yaoi Industry Guest:
Yamila Abraham

For a yaoi program that includes an industry guest, several fun panels, a yaoi game show, loads of yaoi freebies, and a full selection of yaoi merchandise for your vendor's room, consider adding me to your guestlist.

Events Offered:

Uke or Seme Yaoi Game Show! (Older Teen 1 Hour)

A hilarious main event! Attendees will able to volunteer as contestants for a chance to win sweet yaoi prizes!  We’ll show you a picture of a character, then you guess what role they played.  Was he the wall socket (uke) or the plug (seme)?  After you guess we'll take a look at the evidence! 

Yaoi You Need to Read (Older Teen 1 Hour)

There's so much great yaoi manga getting licensed and published in the USA.  Guest Yamila Abraham (Yaoimila) takes fans through some of her favorite yaoi publications.  View covers and sample pages of several great yaoi manga you need to check out! 

Yamila Abraham Talks Graphic Novel and Prose Writing (No Age Restriction 1 Hour)

Guest Yamila Abraham will give advice to aspiring graphic novel and prose writers.  Abraham will present a bevy of useful information both as an author and as a submissions editor at Yaoi Press.  Abraham has had her work published with four traditional publishers in three languages.  She is currently working on various novels for Yaoi Prose.

Q. Why do you want to come to conventions?

A. The official answer is because I want to promote Yaoi Press. Our books sell extremely well at conventions. Unofficially, I love going to shows and meeting other yaoi fans. I love putting on zany yaoi events packed to the rafters where everyone laughs and squeals. I love throwing prizes into audiences. I love signing autographs on the manga I've created for my fans. I love being the 'yaoi' guest.

I've worked at over 150 anime shows. Many shows I've attended two, three, or four years in a row. I've developed a tried and true yaoi program. This is tweaked and updated as needed from show to show.

Q. Can my show even afford you?

A. The two things most guest coordinators want to know is if I charge an appearance fee (it's modest and I will negotiate with small shows) and will I fly coach (yes). Beyond that, please email me at info at yaoipress dot com and I'll send you a full guest proposal. I've been a guest at numerous shows, including the following:

Anime Expo
Anime Central
Anime Makiba
Anime TuCon
Anime Wasabi
Anime Milwaukee
Phoenix Cactus Con
Naka Con
Yaoi Con
Bishie Con
Anime North

Yamila Abraham founded the publishing company Yaoi Press in 2004. Over the last six years she's overseen the publication 50 Boy's Love titles including graphic novels, comic books, novels, and art books. Abraham has successfully licensed Yaoi Press titles into several foreign languages.

Abraham is a prolific writer with over a dozen graphic novel works in print with four different publishers in three languages. She wrote two of Yaoi Press' best selling series: Winter Demon and Dark Prince. She's written hundreds of novels, both yaoi and science fiction romance, that have been translated into foreign languages. Her first scholarly article on the topic of international BL was published by McFarland Press. Abraham currently works diligently on numerous illustrated ebooks through Yaoi Press' newest imprint, Yaoi Prose.  Abraham has been a speaker or guest of honor at 150 anime fan conventions.





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